COVID – 19

  1. Tourists allowed to use only two ports of entry namely Maun and Kasane International Airports.
  2. All passenger should be in possession of Covi-19 negative results based on Covid 19 RT-PCR test and certificate from country of origin taken 72 hours prior to entry in Botswana
  3. Travel Insurance to cover Covid-19 medical disruptions in the event that she/he contract the virus during the period of travel
  4. Travel bookings should be for a minimum of seven (7) days
  5. All VISA requirements shall be met prior to departure for tourists who require VISA to visit Botswana
  6. All tourists and handling staff shall be swabbed for Covid 19 on the fifth to the seventh day of their stay in Botswana
  7. Payment of Covid 19 testing for tourists will be borne by the tour organizer as part of the tourism package
  8. Furthermore mandatory measures to prevent the risk of transmission will be followed such as regular washing of hands, temperature checks, and use of sanitizer, wearing of mask, maintaining social distancing and avoid close contact with people who are sick



Botswana has lifted international travel restrictions in a phased manner starting from 9th November 2020. All travelers should meet the following requirements:

  1. Present a negative COVID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test done within 72 hours upon arrival for the traveler that has been outside Botswana for 36 hours or longer;
  2. Travelers who have been outside Botswana for less than 36 hours will be allowed entry using the negative COVID-19 PCR test obtained upon exit;
  3. Complete a COVID-19 self-declaration Screening form and undergo temperature checks upon entry into Botswana;
  4. May at his/her cost be required to undertake mandatory testing and possible isolation or quarantine, as per section 76 (1) (2) and 80 of the Public Health Act of 2014 if found to have symptoms suggestive of COVID-19;
  5. Complete a traveler locator form, providing accurate contact information while in Botswana. The local health authority may contact the traveler within 14 days of arrival;
  6. Returning citizens and residents not meeting the requirements will undergo 14 day mandatory quarantine and testing at their own cost (as assessed by local authority)
  7. Children aged under five (5) years are upon arrival exempted from the 72 hour negative COVID-19 PCR test result requirement but should undergo screening for COVID-19 symptoms;
  8. Non-citizen travelers not meeting the requirements and unable to bear the cost for testing and quarantine upon arrival will be denied entry into Botswana;
  9. Travelers exiting Botswana are expected to comply with travel regulations of the destination country at their own expense



This serves to inform all our clients that following the ordinances on extreme social distancing that were issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health in order to contain the COVID-19 situation, the Permanent Mission of Botswana to the United Nations in Geneva resumed operations effective 11 May 2020.

The Mission now  operates on a shorter work day of 1000hrs to 1600hrs office hours until further notice.

At all times the operations and access to our Offices will be guided by prevailing Swiss guidelines and best practice in facilitating the safety of our staff and those we come into contact with.

Therefore as part of the COVID-19 public health guidelines, the Mission has put in place the following measurers:

  1. All guests are required to wear a medical mask or face covering for entry into the Mission;
  2. To register their contact details at the Reception;
  3. Clients are advised to wash their hands regularly or use hand sanitizer that is provided on entry
  4. Practice proper cough etiquette;
  5. Social Distancing is to be maintained at all times.

The Embassy will continue to monitor developments and update the advisory as appropriately.