Botswana and Greece Bilateral Relations

Botswana and Greece, wishing to strengthen and develop mutually beneficial relations between their countries and peoples, decided to establish diplomatic relations in 1978.

Botswana is represented in Greece through its Permanent Representative to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland and also through the Botswana Honorary Consulate in Athens. Greece is accredited to Botswana through its Diplomatic Mission based in Pretoria, South Africa.


Bilateral Cooperation ,Investment and Trade

Greek exports to Botswana include warm-water tanks, water heaters, photography equipment, equipment for electricity networks and synthetic textile materials.


Greek Community in Botswana

Over 100 Greek citizens currently reside in Botswana, mainly in the capital, Gaborone. In July 2011, the Greek Orthodox Church in Botswana was legally recognized by the Government of Botswana, allowing for it to expand its pastoral and missionary work in the country under the leadership of its’ Bishop Gennadios of Gaborone.

In February 2012, a Greek-British private school opened in Gaborone, funded by the Orthodox Diocese of Botswana under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa.The school’s courses include the learning of Greek and Russian languages, Setswana, as well as Orthodox catechism.


Visa requirements

Nationals of Greece do not require visa to enter Botswana. For nationals of other countries residing in Greece who require visa to enter Botswana, application for visa can be made through filling out the form below and sending it to the Mission.

VISA Application Form

All Batswana living in Greece are requested to complete the form in the homepage so that they are registered with the embassy,

Information on Botswana and other assistance, including travelling to Botswana or tourism and investment in Botswana could be sought at the Honorary Consul’s office:


Consulate of Botswana in Greece
54 Omirou Street – 106 72
Athens – Greece

Nektarios J. Polychroniou, Esq.
Honorary Consul Tel: +30 210 3633336
       +30 210 3630930
 Fax: +30 210 360298 e-mail: