Investment opportunities


Investment Opportunities

Botswana is committed to attracting direct foreign investment with a view to facilitating growth and diversifying the economy. In this context, investment opportunities are being actively promoted in the non-mineral sector so as to broaden the industrial base of the economy. Some of the investment opportunities offered by Botswana are:

  1. Resource based industries, such as glass manufacturing, leather and leather by-products manufacturing, beef and beef by-products, agricultural food processing and dairy farming
  2. Mining and base metals, such as gold, uranium, copper, nickel, manganese
  3. Services in the field of tourism; ICT and financial services 
  4. Energy sector: Botswana has about 212 billion tons of coal—one of the largest reserves in the world. Other available opportunities in the energy sector  include : power stations; extraction of coal bed-methane; renewable energy projects; solar PV plants and solar power generators; and bio fuel projects
  5. Creative Arts Sector

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